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Girls Shouldn’t Propose: Break The Myth

Isn’t it a bit surprising for you to see that proposals always tend to work in one particular fashion? What we mean to say is why is there just one person who needs to propose marriage to their partners. Even in the case of a heterosexual relationship, why is it that the guys always need to make the proposals.

Also, they get to choose the right moment to propose as well. The question that arises here is, would it be too bad if a girl would propose in a relationship? If we were to believe the common thinking of the people, then the answer to that would be yes.

Some people cannot seem to even imagine the idea of a girl proposing in a relationship. Such kind of a mentality has always encouraged the girls to keep their feelings towards the one they love a secret

Is It Right For A Girl To Propose Marriage?

If you ask me, then I would tell you that it is absolutely okay for a girl to have a marriage proposal ready for her partner. After all, marriage is certainly a very big decision in life and both the parties need to have an equal say in the matter. A girl needs to be involved in the proposal as much as a man is. So, what do you think is the solution to this question? Should a girl get to take the first step and make a proposal?

The right answer to that question would be yes. If the girl feels really confident about her partner and they are in love, then it is completely okay for a girl to propose marriage. It is the next step in a relationship and girls should be given an equal chance to be a part of that.

What Would Happen If A Girl Proposes?

It certainly isn’t a big deal if a girl proposes. But then, some guys tend to become a bit guarded as they feel proposing is their category. Well, there might be people like that but there are also some people who say that they would enjoy if their girlfriends proposed marriage before they did.

So, what do you think would happen if a girl proposes? Well, the answer clearly depends on the guy. A man who is secure enough to let his girl take the lead will have no issue about it.

Also, it might start a new trend among the people that girls should get to make a proposal to the person they are in love with.

Most of the times, we see that guys aren’t able to handle the rejection of their proposals very well. It is because they are not able to see the point of view of the girl. However, if the girl faces a rejection, she might be able to handle the situation a lot better than a guy since girls tend to evaluate all points.


So, overall it can be said that the idea of girls proposing marriage to the person they love is not really a bad one. I mean, if guys get a chance to do that, why shouldn’t girls, right? Do you agree with what we have to say? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

One comment

  1. Both proposal and marriage are creations of society. Both not necessary for two people who love each other. Marriage is for people who have no faith in their relationship and so look to marriage to get a mental confirmation or to conform to society’s standards. But for those who wants to get married, by all means do. Likewise proposal by men has been how it has evolved in a patriachal society. Its a sort of an ego booster for men to propose and when the girl says yes. It means he has won her. Women has been known to be like a prize. Clearly this sort of mentality can change. No where is it stated woman cannot propose. In the name of freedom, people should do what they want, girl or boy, both can propose if thats what they feel they want to do.

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