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Recent Mosaic Birthday Celebrations

A personalized mosaic is the best gift for your loved one’s birthday. That is because it has hundreds of photos showing hundreds of memories together. It is a gift which is close to heart and will be remembered forever. Don’t give boring birthday gifts which end up in the cupboard. Give a personalized mosaic poster which is a meaningful and valuable gift for your loved ones on their birthday.

“On her birthday I wanted to give a memorable gift. I tried lots of stuff on the internet but I was impressed by mosaic frame.

It is not only a photo frame, it consists lots of memories, lots of emotions, lots of happiness and love.

The colection of small memories into a lovely picture. This is a reason of smile and happiness on her face.

She loved it a lot, very thankful to InstaMosaicStudio to make it so memorable for us ­čśŹ­čśŹ”

“The mosaic is really awesome. The small memories make a big mosaic, she loved it a lot. Very thankful to InstaMosaicStudio to make her birthday so memorable!”

“My friends and I wanted to gift our colleague for her birthday and we came across InstaMosaicStudio. We instantly decided on gifting her a mosaic poster of herself with us in the backdrop images.

Even though we couldn’t get a higher resolution picture, they made sure the poster turned out well. Our four years of college memories with her in a single poster. Thank you for the mosaic poster, my friend loved it.”

“I was expecting it to be a regular collage. It turned out to be a mosaic and what quality! Today, I know these two are very different form of things and if done with professional support, it could make a person feel as if this world is nothing but magic! It not just made my day but has given a moment of a lifetime to cherish. The moment I saw it, I couldn’t believe that the mosaic could be done with such esthetics and appeal.”

“This gift made her quarantine birthday memorable and you had a big role in this this. Thanks a lot!”

“Thanks a ton to each and everyone for your birthday wishes and surprises! I received many gifts on this birthday and my reactions are shocked, happy, amazed, stunned, awestruck, overwhelmed! It’s a gigantic collage with hundreds of my happy photos in an enormous sized frame ­čśŹ, it’s my favourite gift of all!”

“Thank you so much for this mosaic poster. My brother was so happy and surprised. This was a completely new experience for him, thanks for making it in such a beautiful way and making his birthday memorable. His expressions were priceless!”

“He’s 24! He is someone who would love to surprise people and so he is an expert in doing things for people who matter to him. I was wondering what do I gift this person? How do I surprise a person who has given almost every kind of gift? I tried all possible ways and then I approached InstaMosaicStudio. I was running out of time but they didn’t refuse to deliver the product on time. Here comes the birthday!! He received many gifts. Starting from a perfume, shirt, shoes till a Fossil gen 4. PS. Everything is branded! ‘I loved my 24th birthday, but this mosaic poster has my heart’. He overwhelmed and said this out of love. It not only took his heart but is loved by his family and everyone around. A big thanks to instamosaicstudio for making someone feel super special.”

“I have gifted this mosaic poster from InstaMosaicStudio to my daughter on her first birthday and she loved it, every single day she looks at the picture and smiles. Infact everyone who saw it loved the concept.”

“I can’t express it… She couldn’t control her tears. This is the best ever gift I could give on her birthday. Thanks a lot for making it!”