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24-Hour Plan to Make Your Spouse Happy

What if you get to know that you had just 24 hours to make it up to your spouse who you have recently pissed? Oh well, that might be an exaggeration. But what if you had just 24 hours to make your spouse feel the happiest that they have felt.

What would you do then? Well, the basic idea would be to impress him/her throughout the day and provide them with the best of things that they have imagined. We are talking about making a mash-up of anniversaries and valentines days and put them on steroids. Only that would make them the happiest person in the world.

So, it is time to get a little bit creative and get things moving for you and your lover. How about we provide you with some help? You could thank us later.

A 24-Hour Guide On Making Your Spouse Happy

Here we have for you an itinerary for a full day that will help you in earning the ‘Best Spouse’ award in just 24 hours. Buckle up and celebrate love people.

  1. Wake Them Up With Some Romantic Breakfast

Well, we all dream of having a partner that would wake us up with breakfast in bed. For some, this might be real as well. However, when you have to make it a little bit special, you need to amp it up a little bit. Cut up some heart-shaped fruits, make a smile breakfast face with all the ingredients and whip up some strawberry milkshake to wake your honey up. That ought to bring a smile to their face.

  1. Dedicate The Whole Day To Them

You might not be able to give them some quality time after some years of being married. We get that and we completely understand that the busy schedule and sometimes come in the way of romance. But a day is enough to make amends, right? You need to do the things that they love and make them feel special.

  1. Do Things That You Don’t Normally Do

We are talking about shopping, movies, family picnics, and what not. Give your kids to the nanny and set out for a lovely and romantic day with your spouse. If that doesn’t make them happier, there is nothing else that could.

  1. Shower Them With The Things They Love

It could be some amazing things that they wanted for their birthday or it could be some things that they wanted to do, you need to make sure that you gift them with the things that they want. Who knows when you might get a chance like that?

  1. A Romantic Dinner Sounds Good

After you have impressed them with all the day stuff, now it is time to make the final move. Set up a date on the most romantic location that you can find. Decorate it to their liking. There is nothing more pleasurable than seeing a beautifully done place. Take your spouse out on a date. It is something that they won’t be expecting and let me tell you that they will be pleased for sure.

  1. Take Him/Her Dancing

Dancing is one of the best ways to let your hearts out and enjoy the day. Maybe you guys don’t get to do it that often. So, why not bring a change today and a take your spouse out to dance. You and your spouse both will have a very good time.

  1. Spend Some Quality Family Time In The End

There is nothing that is more pleasing than being with the loved ones. With a busy schedule, you and your spouse might not have time for the children or the parents. Make sure that you pay a visit to their parents house or spend some time with your children and they will be happy for sure.

Marriages tend to work a lot better if you put in these little efforts to make your spouse happier. Don’t worry; you won’t have to do this every day. But once in a while, following this full-day itinerary might not be such a bad idea, right?


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